The Warning on MACRA the FMA Ignored.

The Florida Medical Association joined the vast majority of medicine in signing on to MACRA. MACRA is a massive intrusion into the patient-physician relationship that claims to be about quality and proper resource use. MACRA is really about finding an excuse to not spend money on Medicare patients. This is because the false political promise of government funded medical care for the elderly is failing. MACRA merely creates a penalty system designed to turn doctors into rationing agents for the state – turning them against their patients.

Prior to passage of MACRA, the AMA was leading a campaign to get all state and national medical associations to sign on. As an officer of the FMA at the time, I was working overtime to get the FMA to say “no”. Only the Medical Society of the State of New York refused to sign and they have since been proven right to do so.

Here is the white paper I prepared to try to get the FMA to say “no” to MACRA (Evaluation of HR2_budget neutrality). Sadly FMA President at the time, Dr. Alan Pillersdorf, violated FMA policy and went well outside his powers as President to unilaterally – with no vote of the FMA Board –  to agree to sign on to MACRA.

The AAPS is working hard to protect patients and doctors from this final government take over of the entire medical profession. We need your help to fight. Please join today.