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The Petition

As a Florida doctor, I support legislation that will outlaw Mandated MOC:

  -to practice medicine in Florida Hospitals.

  -to be paid or participate in an insurance contract.

  -to receive my medical license.

Legislation is urgently needed to protect access to care for patients in Florida.

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Introduction: Doctors in Florida are under assault by the Maintenance of Certification (MOC) industry. Hospitals are insisting that doctors engage in MOC to be on their medical staffs. Insurance companies want to lock doctors out of insurance contracts if they don't do MOC.  Others are pushing MOC as a requirement to receive a Florida medical license. Action is needed now to protect doctors and their patients from these intrusions into medical practice.

Take Action by signing the Florida AAPS “Stop Florida MOC” petition. Your signature will help our lobbying efforts as we push legislation in Tallahassee to control MOC.



Background: Doctors know that MOC is an intrusive, money-making scheme for medical boards that do not improve quality of care. MOC schemes lead to pointless unnecessary testing, often on esoteric issues that don't pertain to medical practice, MOC schemes are used to force private doctors to submit their practice data to Boards – often for use by ivory tower academicians working on pet projects. Government and insurance company bureaucrats use the forced data acquisition to design more intrusive cookbook medicine and rationing protocols in "Pay for Performance" or "value based purchasing" plans in laws like MACRA. Doctors are forced to do many more CME hours that are reasonably necessary – simply to enrich medical societies who sell CME. All of these MOC schemes interfere in patient care and harm the profession of medicine.

Patients are losing their doctors as many doctors are just refusing to participate in MOC. These doctors are then barred from hospitals and insurance programs, exacerbating the doctor shortage present in Florida for years. Patients are losing the time and attention of their doctors as they are distracted by MOC requirements.

Doctors are demanding action now. That is why the Florida Chapter of the AAPS has worked hard to pass legislation in Tallahassee to prohibit mandatory MOC for hospital staff membership, insurance contracting and state licensure. The Legislation has done well in the House (HB 723, Gonzalez, M.D.- R, Venice) but is having trouble in the senate where the hospitals, insurance companies, ABMS have worked with the Florida Medical Association to completely gut MOC legislation that mirrored the House bill.


Our Florida AAPS advocacy in Tallahassee will continue this session and next year if needed to stop mandatory MOC to practice medicine in Florida. Help us by signing this petition so we can make it clear to government officials that there intervention is needed to protect medical practice and access to care for patients in Florida.