MOC Battle in Florida Continues. Join the Fight NOW! (11/17)

Go to MOC Action Center to learn how you can act to stop MOC in Florida in the 2018 Legislative Session.

Florida doctors have another chance to outlaw mandated MOC in Florida. HB81/SB628 would ban hospitals, insurance companies and the Board of Medicine from requiring MOC to be part of a medical staff, insurance panel or to gain a license in Florida.

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Last year, the bill made progress in the House but died in the Senate when the FMA authored and had passed language that deleted the entire bill.  Now the FMA has modified its policy to state they will only seek to stop mandated MOC for licensure, (not for hospital privileges or insurance company contracts). FMA leadership was adamant, in public at the FMA annual meeting in August, that the hospitals should be allowed to force MOC on doctors.

Meanwhile, the Florida AAPS is already engaged in the battle, responding to the CEO of American Board of Pathology’s ludicrous claims that MOC is required to maintain quality of care in the Tampa Bay Times. Dr. Johnson makes over $500,000 a year on MOC. The letter in response was published the next day from the President of the Florida AAPS, Dr. McKalip.

Now is your chance to help.  In the Coming weeks, the Florida AAPS will be asking you to visit Senators in your districts to ask them to pass SB623 and to prevent it from any meaningful change in the process.

Stay tuned to the MOC ACTION CENTER at FLAAPS.ORG!

Time To Control MOC in Florida – Help Pass HB 723 for MOC Relief!

Maintenance of Certification bill provides needed relief for physicians.

Please go to our MOC Action center to learn how you can help.

Finally, legislators are taking notice of the abuse of MOC in Florida and proposing laws to stop it. Representative Dr. Julio Gonzalez (Venice) and Senator Jeff Brandes (Pinellas County) have each sponsored legislation to help doctors and the patients they serve. The bill in the House is HB 723 and the Senate Bill number is pending. The efforts of the AAPS Florida chapter brought these bills to fruition.

The MOC control bill would do the following:

1.       Prohibit MOC for Florida Medical License

2.       Prohibit mandatory MOC participation for membership on hospital medical staff.

3.       Prohibit mandatory MOC participation as condition to be included in Insurance physician panel.

Passing these bills in Florida’s House and Senate will require significant physician participation.  Please go to our MOC Action center to learn how you can help.  Keep updated to the MOC action Center, as we need you to continue to contact legislators through May as the bills are heard in committee.


David McKalip, M.D.

President, Florida Chapter, AAPS

The Warning on MACRA the FMA Ignored.

The Florida Medical Association joined the vast majority of medicine in signing on to MACRA. MACRA is a massive intrusion into the patient-physician relationship that claims to be about quality and proper resource use. MACRA is really about finding an excuse to not spend money on Medicare patients. This is because the false political promise of government funded medical care for the elderly is failing. MACRA merely creates a penalty system designed to turn doctors into rationing agents for the state – turning them against their patients.

Prior to passage of MACRA, the AMA was leading a campaign to get all state and national medical associations to sign on. As an officer of the FMA at the time, I was working overtime to get the FMA to say “no”. Only the Medical Society of the State of New York refused to sign and they have since been proven right to do so.

Here is the white paper I prepared to try to get the FMA to say “no” to MACRA (Evaluation of HR2_budget neutrality). Sadly FMA President at the time, Dr. Alan Pillersdorf, violated FMA policy and went well outside his powers as President to unilaterally – with no vote of the FMA Board –  to agree to sign on to MACRA.

The AAPS is working hard to protect patients and doctors from this final government take over of the entire medical profession. We need your help to fight. Please join today.

Dr. Ed Annis Addresses the Future.

Dr. Edward Annis videos from Ed Annis Medical Freedom Award Presentation Event. These videos describe his heroic work, in his own words, even though the humble Dr. Annis would never accept a title of “hero”.
Dr. Edward Annis was a legend in medicine and medical freedom.

In 1962, the first attempt to pass Medicare failed when Florida surgeon Dr. Edward Annis addressed the nation. He as met with President Kennedy who, many say inspired by Annis, gave the worst speech of his Presidency on the matter at Madison Square Garden (on purpose).  A Few days later, Dr. Annis addressed the empty venue…

“This Bill (King Anderson Bill) would put the government smack into your hospitals! Defining services, setting standards, establishing committees, calling for reports, deciding who gets in and who gets out-what they get and what they don’t-even getting into the teaching of medicine-and all the time imposing a federally administered financial budget on our houses of mercy and healing. It will create an unpredictable burden on every working taxpayer. It will undercut and destroy the wholesome growth of private voluntary insurance and prepayment health plans for the aged which offer flexible benefits in the full range of individual needs. It will lower the quality and availability of hospital services throughout our country. It will stand between patients and their doctors. And it will serve as the forerunner of a different system of medicine for all Americans.”  Dr. Edward Annis, Madison Square Garden,1962.


Save the Medical Profession with the AAPS Florida Chapter

An important message from FL Chapter President David McKalip, M.D.

“We WILL save our medical profession from the medical establishment, corrupt corporations and the unholy government-insurance company alliance. But we can only do it if you get involved.”

Chapter Report, February 2016

President’s Report

I am happy to report that because of your support, the Florida chapter of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons is up and running. We are in a position to make medical practice in Florida great for physicians and patients – despite the overbearing posture of the government, insurance companies and hospitals. We have it in our power to save the medical profession. Our chapter will be working to providing education to our members on how to set up practices that thrive, working to promote freedom and choice in medical care and will be advocating for you in Tallahassee, the private sector and through media outreach. We will need your continued support to do so. Soon we will be launching a voluntary fundraising drive for our chapters. There will be no dues and no arm twisting, just give what you can. More importantly, we will be counting on you to help us grow as a chapter by recruiting new AAPS members, helping us in committee work and hosting us in regional meetings of our state chapter. The future is bright with AAPS-FL and on behalf of our new board, I thank you for your continued membership and involvement!

Sincerely, David McKalip, M.D. Continue reading “Chapter Report, February 2016”

How To Be A Rock Star Doctor

In case you missed it CLICK HERE to listen to our engaging discussion last week with:

Rebekah Bernard, MD, author of How to Be a Rock Star Doctor: The Complete Guide to Taking Back Control of Your Life and Your Profession. See her open letter to her Medicare patients and CLICK HERE to get your copy of her must-read book today.


AAPS-Florida Chapter Board Meeting6/25. Members invited.

Members of the AAPS who reside or practice in Florida are invited to the Board meeting of the Florida Chapter of the AAPS. The meeting will be held at the Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center in the Kissimmee area (40100 Highway 27, Davenport, FL 33837).

The meeting will be from 10 am to 4 pm on Saturday, June 25th, 2016.

Members are asked to RSVP to Chapter President, Dr. David McKalip at (727-822-3500).  Only members who have up to date dues paid to the national AAPS organization are invited to attend the meeting.

The meeting will discuss the past and upcoming Florida legislative session, chapter growth, issues for advocacy and ways to serve our members. Leadership opportunities exist for committees that will be forming.

TWO January 2016 Florida AAPS Events

Check out these TWO January AAPS Florida events you WILL NOT WANT TO MISS as well as an important video message from the Florida Chapter.

1. Teleconference on Wed. January 13th, 5:30pm Eastern, with MD author on Practice Prosperity Outside the System. 1/13/2016, 5:30, P.M. Exclusive to AAPS-Florida Chapter members.

Talk with, Rebekah Bernard, MD, author of How to Be a Rock Star Doctor: The Complete Guide to Taking Back Control of Your Life and Your Profession, see her open letter to her Medicare patients.

Dial In # (857) 232-0159 | Conference Code 547820

2. Save our medical profession!
AAPS- Florida chapter meeting Saturday, 1/30/2016  9am to Noon.* The chapter meeting is the day after the AAPS “Thrive, not just Survive” seminar. Continue reading “EVENTS”